Welcome to Your Kitchen!

Acts of Living: A Cooking Journal for the Culinarily Challenged is an invitation to begin the pleasure of easy cooking at home; an enticement into a different world that can be found in the kitchen, away from the desk, computer, pager or cell phone. A world of real food, prepared by your hands at home. Prepared from healthy whole and unprocessed ingredients easily obtainable where you normally shop for groceries. The aromas from many of these simple, savvy, and simply delicious recipes in this unique cookbook will waft you to faraway places and make you realize that you can cook.

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Written and published in Vermont in response to a need to connect people more closely to the food they eat and encourage both healthy and green living through food preparation at home, Acts of Living gives the new cook the tools to be successful in everyday cooking. Visit our sample pages for the novice cook, try the sample basic recipes and see the features that make this cookbook unique.