Enticing you to Cook

Acts of Living is an invitation to begin the adventure of cooking—an enticement into a different world that can be found in the kitchen, away from the desk, computer, pager or cell phone. A world in which your hands can get dirty, your eyes can tear, and aromas can waft you to faraway places.

Many innovative features make this cookbook useful to anyone with no cooking experience. Unlike most cookbooks, it does not claim to be the definitive authority with hard and fast rules on how to prepare a meal. Rather, it entices you to try a recipe and then make notes on what worked, your own additions, taster's reports, and the like.

Among its useful features are these:

  • A Wire-O binding that allows it to lie flat or stand up as an easel.
  • Pockets for recipes from magazines, newspapers or the web.
  • A list of staple items (whole, nutritious and unprocessed foods) to stock the cupboard, refrigerator and freezer so that the novice has everything needed to start cooking.
  • Dips, Sauces, etc. Contents
  • A very short list of utensils required for basic cooking.
  • Clear and concise recipes that list ingredients in the order used and lead the cook to experiment and adapt recipes to differing tastes.
  • Ample space, both on the recipe itself, and on the back of each page to make notes about changes in the recipes; to write, staple or glue in other recipes; or to draw, doodle or journal about the experience of cooking or the meal shared with friends or family. (Check out the sample recipe to see!)

After a year, no two copies of Acts of Living, A Cooking Journal will look alike!